What is Heart Screening?

Heart Cardiac Screening

What is Heart Screening? Cardiac health screening is a diagnostic test or group of tests performed to detect potential heart problems or risk factors for heart disease. The goal of cardiac screening is to identify heart conditions early, so that appropriate treatment can be started before the condition worsens. There are several types of cardiac […]

8 things to know about Cardiac Arrest: A Life-Threatening Emergency

what is cardiac arrest

What is cardiac arrest Cardiac arrest is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating, resulting in the cessation of blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. Without immediate intervention, cardiac arrest can lead to brain damage or death within minutes. In this article, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, […]

8 common questions about ECGs (electrocardiogram)


What is an electrocardiogram Electrocardiograms (ECGs or EKGs) are a non-invasive medical test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. They are a valuable tool in diagnosing heart disease and monitoring heart health. ECG vs EKG: The terms ECG and EKG are used interchangeably, and they refer to the same medical test. The difference […]

What is Stress Test

what is stress test

What is Stress Test? A stress test, also known as an exercise bike stress test or treadmill test, is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the heart’s response to physical stress. The test is designed to evaluate the blood flow to the heart, as well as to measure the heart’s electrical activity. The test usually […]

What is Echocardiogram

What is Echocardiogram

What is an echocardiogram: An echocardiogram is a non-invasive test that uses ultrasound to produce images of the heart. It provides important information about the structure and function of the heart, including its size, shape, and movement, as well as the blood flow through the heart chambers and valves. The test is commonly used to […]

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